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By David Krasky, Psy.S.


When parents decide their child needs psycho-educational testing, it is important that they make sure testing is conducting ethically and by a licensed school or clinical psychologist.  Nowadays, many professionals use the “cookie-cutter” approach and give the same battery of tests to all clients.  At Weston Psych Care we individualize testing to meet the needs of each child.  The testing battery is determined by gathering a comprehensive background information from the parents and/or client.  Next is either an observation at the child’s school and/or home followed by collaborating with the parents to review the upcoming testing battery.  When the child begins testing with the clinician, the first session is used for rapport building and making the child comfortable followed by the necessary assessment batteries.  It is common for no more than one or two follow-up sessions to complete the testing.  After completion of the administration of tests, a comprehensive individualized written report is formulated with personalized recommendations for the client.  These recommendations are for the school and home as well as in the community.  For older children, it is common for the clinician to go over results to teach the children about their learning style and strengths and weaknesses. 


It is vital that recommendations be applicable to the child, parents and teachers involved in his/her life.  Because of many changes in the public school system it is important that the clinician is aware of the laws and rights of the child and parents.  Weston Psych Care’s professionals are up to date on the newest laws and regulations passed down by the state that will affect what interventions the schools are obligated to implement.  If you have any questions, please contact David Krasky at Weston Psych Care.


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