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Spanish Speaking Therapists In Weston

If English is your second language, it is challenging to live in a culture where Spanish is not the primary language. It is important to improve your skills by immersing yourself in an English speaking culture. Psychotherapy, however is a different story. If you are not fluent in English, your brain processes information in a different way. When you a talking about emotionally driven matters, you simply cannot process information while you are translating information. If you are not strong in the English language, you should not have to settle for an English speaking therapist or psychologist. It is important in the therapeutic process to speak in the “mother tongue.” It is the only way you will truly get everything out of the process that you deserve. At Weston PsychCare, two of our therapists speak Spanish. Our nutritionist also speaks Spanish. And most importantly, our administrative office speaks Spanish as well!


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